Mitsubishi previews diesel hybrid concept at Geneva

Electric cars are nothing new, but so far electric or electric hybrid commercials are a rare sight on UK roads.

Well, not if Mitsubishi has anything to do with it. On top of revealing a version of the all-new Outlander with a plug-in-hybrid drivetrain, they are now debuting a hybrid pick-up at the Geneva Motor Show.
In our view, this is a logical move, as Mitsubishi continue to make some great pick-ups for both commercial and family buyers, with the current L200 at the top of its game. However, with the concept GR-HEV, the Japanese manufacturer is moving the pick-up segment in a new, greener direction.

The GR-HEV is powered by a complex hybrid drivetrain, made up of a diesel engine and electric motors. No performance figures are available as yet, but Mitsubishi believe the GR-HEV has the performance needed to suit the heavy-duty work this vehicle is normally designed to do.

The concept vehicle is also fitted with full-time four-wheel drive and a development of Mitsubishi's Super All-Wheel Control system, which looks after the stability and brakeforce control, along with an active centre differential, much like the one fitted to the most recent Evo.

The GR-HEV isn't the only electric concept car on the Geneva Mitsubishi stand, as joining it, is the CA-MiEV. A 'suburban EV', the company says it and the GR-HEV are designed to take EV power trains out of the city – and above all, beyond the ranges that we've become used to.
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