British backpacker missing in Australian outback

British backpacker missing in Australian outback

An 18-year-old British backpacker is missing in the Australian outback after going for a hike to 'improve his fitness'.

Sky News reports that Sam Woodhead, who was hoping to the join the armed forces, failed to return from the hike in Queensland on Tuesday evening.

He had set off from the Upshot Station homestead, about 80 miles from the town of Longreach, more than 400 miles inland from the coast.

Police launched a land and air search and fear for Sam's safety due to his lack of familiarity of the property, which spans 3,200 acres.

According to Yahoo! 7 News, Police Sergeant Dave Perry said: 'The missing person has had a bit of survival training - there's some indication that he may wish to pursue a career in the armed forces when he gets back home.

'He may have been using some of the rougher country and the jump-ups to improve his fitness.

'Lack of water, the heat, venomous snakes and injury are probably our greatest concern.'

Planes and horses may be used to assist with the search.

'Some of the neighbours have supplied planes to assist with the search,' said Sergeant Perry.

'We're going back out this morning hopefully with some SES - they'll be a helicopter, maybe some other planes and people on foot and maybe some people on horses to assist in the search.'

Sam is described as Caucasian, 180 metres tall, with a muscular build and short dark hair.

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