UK roads damage a third of motorists' cars

If you go out on the roads today you could be in for an expensive surprise! This is because, according to a survey of 22,000 members of the AA, a third of British drivers have suffered damage to their vehicles because of the poor state of Britain's roads.

More alarmingly, insurance claims relating to our roads have doubled in the last month. This is due to the recent cold snap which was followed by wet weather.
Potholes are caused by water which freezes then expands in the road surface. These holes are then opened up even further, by passing traffic with rain washing out any loose material.

According to a report by STV News, drivers in Scotland came top with 44 per cent of them experiencing problems in the last two-years.

This was followed by the north-west and north-east with 33 per cent. Wales was next in seventh place, with 31 per cent. Worst was Northern Ireland, with 29 per cent experiencing pothole damage in the last two-years.

Tyres and wheels appear to be finding quite a few of these potholes, as they make up most of the claims in Scotland. 16 per cent of people surveyed reporting damage, plus a further eight per cent having damage to the wheel as well.

Edmund King, President of the AA said of this survey: "These survey results showing more pothole damage in Scotland and the north broadly reflects what our AA streetwatch volunteers found in their last pothole count.

"The fact that close to half of our members in Scotland have had their car damaged by potholes is a damning indictment of the state of our roads - they're a national embarrassment."
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