Landslip warps train tracks and causes rail disruption in Yorkshire

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Landslip warps train tracks and causes rail disruption in Yorkshire
Landslip warps train tracks and causes rail disruption in Yorkshire

Rail passengers are experiencing major delays in South Yorkshire after a landslip left train tracks warped.

The line between Doncaster, Goole, and Scunthorpe was closed after a 'spoil tip' - coal mining waste material - from Hatfield Colliery slid under the track and started pushing it up.

Civil engineers are working to discover what caused the spill, but one initial theory is heavy rainfall.

The pit is managed by Hargreaves Services, whose spokesman said the civil engineering experts were conducting an assessment to work out the cause and the best solution, according to the Daily Mail.

Network Rail says buses have replaced a number of services between Doncaster and Goole, and Doncaster and Scunthorpe.

A spokesman told This Is Scunthorpe: "We have been carefully monitoring the track near Hatfield colliery at Stainforth since Saturday afternoon (9 February) when a train driver reported a "rough ride".

"Train services in the area have been carefully managed to protect safety.

"Unfortunately, conditions have deteriorated and it is no longer possible to run services through the area.

"We anticipate that there will be disruption to services between Doncaster and Goole and Doncaster and Scunthorpe for some time.

"Our engineers are working with the colliery to plan the safe repair of the track bed and railway once the spoil heap has been stabilised.

"We understand it will take several days to complete the stabilisation work. At this stage it is not possible to say when direct rail services will resume.

"We will publish a timescale for the works as soon as possible and apologise to passengers for the inconvenience caused."

Rachel Lowe from Network Rail told the BBC: "This is an absolutely enormous task. We will have to re-lay the whole area.

"Our engineers have been at Hatfield Colliery throughout this event and are dealing with their experts. They obviously have to stop this movement before we can do anything about restoring the railway."

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