Diamonds are forever... not for Valentine's

Caroline Cassidy

Any loved-up gents out there planning to woo their woman with a sparkling diamond might just as well save their hard-earned cash, because according to a new survey, most women would prefer a simple hug or love poem this Valentine's Day.

Women don't want diamonds for Valentine's Day
Women don't want diamonds for Valentine's Day

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The poll, conducted by the British Heart Foundation, revealed that 87 per cent of women would be happy with a heartfelt hug or genuine romantic gesture, with nine out of 10 respondents claiming something thoughtful is preferable to a luxury gift.

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Although 25 per cent of females admitted a romantic getaway would fit the bill, a further quarter of the women quizzed said a romantic poem written by their loved one is the ideal Valentine's gift, and eight per cent suggest a passionate cuddle is all their heart desires on 14 February.

That will no doubt come as welcome news to the one in ten men who believe pricey jewellery or a shopping day out is a surefire winner, and the nine per cent planning to splash out on luxury lingerie might want to rethink their gift ideas, because only one per cent of women agree that it's the way to their heart.

Mike Taylor, Retail Director at the British Heart Foundation, told the Daily Mail: "This survey shows you don't have to spend large sums of money to woo your other half this Valentine's Day.
"In fact, romantic gestures like writing a love note or even just a hug can make your partner's day."

So for the five per cent of frugal chaps considering chipping in with the household chores to score brownie points, and the two per cent reckoning that a sport-free weekend is the perfect way to say 'I love you', it's probably worth putting pen to paper before tomorrow.

What's the most romantic gift or gesture you've ever received for Valentine's Day? Let us know below...