British mum knocked unconscious in Tenerife holiday fall receives £37k payout

British mum knocked unconscious in Tenerife holiday fall receives £37k payout

A mother who was knocked unconscious when she slipped over in a hotel while on holiday in Tenerife has been awarded a £37,000 payout.

Sylvia McNicholl, 49, from North Lanarkshire, was on the first night of her two-week family holiday back in May 2008 when she slipped on the pool of water as she went to help her three-year-old to the toilet.

The water had leaked from an air conditioning unit that was not properly maintained at the Fanabe Costa Sur hotel in Tenerife, and the fall left her unconscious and in need of stitches.

Mrs McNicholl said she has also experienced lasting effects from the fall, including headaches and dizziness, and an impaired sense of smell and taste.

She told the Herald Scotland: "One minute I'm getting up to help my son; the next I'm on the floor barely conscious with blood rushing from my head.

"It was a really nasty injury but it could have been so much worse. The holiday was ruined for me and it's had quite an impact on my life generally."

Travel lawyers Irwin Mitchell helped secure Mrs McNicholl a £37,000 settlement from Thomas Cook, covering her pain and suffering, the cost of the ruined holiday, and her loss of earnings and care needs.

The company managed to obtain evidence from building experts proving the hotel did not have proper records regarding the maintenance of the air conditioning system required under Spanish law.

Speaking to the Herald, Laetitia Fouquet, who represented Mrs McNicholl on behalf of the company, said: "Unfortunately the family's two-week holiday was ruined on the first day and Sylvia suffered head injuries which continue to affect her now.

"Thankfully we have now been able to secure the settlement, which will help cover the costs of her ongoing care as well as contribute to her lost earnings as she has not yet been able to return to work as she planned."

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