Video: Daredevil skis through five-storey building in Alaska

Bored of skiing down plain old slopes? How about skiing downstairs and leaping through windows of a five-story building for a change?

That's what this skier in Alaska did - and this video of him slaloming the "five floors of fury" has made him into a bit of an internet star, as it's gone viral since it was posted last week.

Logan Imlach, a skier from Alaska, was skiing with his friend when they discovered an abandoned old US military block built in the 50s and couldn't resist having a go.

The pair carried piles of snow into the building before carrying out their stunt. The resulting montage took six days to make, but has had thousands of views online since it was posted... What do you reckon? We think it's mad but strangely watchable...

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Video: Daredevil skis through five-storey building in Alaska

Not a destination for beginners or the faint-hearted, Kashmir in northern India offers some of the best adventure skiing on untouched slopes. Until recently it was off limits to tourists due to a long-standing territorial dispute between India and Pakistan, but the region is now open and ready for action. The resort of Gulmarg is Kashmir’s ski hub and boasts the world’s highest gondola, whisking skiers up to the giddy heights of 13,400ft from where there are magical landscapes and challenges with sheer drops, deep powder and pine-littered terrain. Kashmir is no Val d’Isère and the ungroomed slopes do not have the same polish and infrastructure as most well-known resorts, but it is a wild mountain with extreme beauty in the land of snow leopards, monkeys and eagles, making it a truly unique spot for skiing. Book a trip with Asia travel specialists Ampersand Travel, which offers an Unknown Kashmir Ski package.

Just over an hour away from the vibrant city of Beirut lies Lebanon's premier ski resort, Mzaar, which is spread across the slopes of Ouyoune El-Simane in the village of Kfardebian. The ski season is from December to March, like many European resorts; making it a great alternative if you've already skied Austria, Italy and France. Blessed with a high elevation of up to 2,465m, the resort has incredible snow cover offering 80km of groomed ski runs. Mzaar is also famous for its après-ski entertainment and nightlife and many Lebanese residents come just for the dinner and parties!

You've probably never heard of this tiny country surrounded by South Africa, let alone its ski offering at Afri Ski, which is Africa's premier resort. Located in the Maloti Mountain range 3,322 metres above sea level, Afri Ski offers stunning views of the sweeping African landscape below and a one-kilometre ski slope, plus a variety of accommodation, a ski school and equipment rental. What we love most is that it operates during its winter months of June to August so while there is little snow in Europe, you can head to Africa for summer skiing!

In the land of endless possibilities, you can even ski in Dubai at the Middle East's first indoor ski resort, Ski Dubai. Located in the Mall of Emirates, Ski Dubai is an amazing winter wonderland (in the desert!) where you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing - or just playing in the snow. Probably the most fun place to hit the slopes, Ski Dubai also has a giant ball so you can roll down the snow, a ski lift for you to do a bit of sightseeing and even real snow penguins you can meet!

Looking to ski closer to home? Cumbria's Yad Moss has up to eight runs (depending on snow cover), mostly graded blue with a variety of terrain and conditions that can make these some of the most challenging blue runs anywhere. The width of the ski area can vary from several metres to 500 metres in some places and it is served by a fast Poma button tow, which is unsuitable for inexperienced skiers. Who needs to catch a flight to the Alps when you can ski right here?

The Mediterranean has plenty of wonderful beach spots but did you know you can ski in some parts too? In Cyprus, the mountain range of Troodos has four ski slopes on its highest peak Mount Olympus, with one reaching 6,400ft above sea level. Troodos stretches across most of the western side of Cyprus and is characterised by Byzantine monasteries and churches on mountain peaks, villages clinging to terraced hill slopes and picturesque mountains. Accommodation ranges from traditional guesthouses to five-star hotels, mostly in the village of Platres or Kakopetria.

We bet you never thought you could ski down an active volcano. In Sicily, the infamous Mount Etna is a great spot for thrill-seekers, where the smell of sulphur and the heat near the crater add to the exciting experience. The volcano has two main ski centres, one on the south side (Rifugio Sapienza) with around five pistes and another on the north side (Piano Provenzana) with one piste. It's not the most obvious place to hit the slopes, but Sicily is a unique place to ski and when you've had enough of icy Etna, the warm coast of Catania is just a 40-minute drive away, giving you the chance to hit the slopes and beach in a day!

Think of Morocco and you probably picture ancient architecture, large souks and the sweltering heat of Marrakech in the summer, but situated about 80km from the Red City in the Atlas Mountains is Oukaimeden, one of Africa's top ski resorts with the continent's highest ski lift reaching 10,825ft. January and February are the best months to ski in Oukaimeden. Once you've reached the peak of Jebel Attar, there are five runs to ski to the bottom (the longest is three kilometres) and a one-day ski pass costs just £7. It's not just about skiing either, as there is a large sledging area for families and you can take the ski lift to admire the magnificent views over the Atlas Mountains.

Yes, you read that right and it is sand in the photo! In Namibia it is possible to ski on the sand dunes of the Namib Desert. Although it is less popular than skiing on snow due it being very difficult to build mechanised ski lifts on sand dunes, skiing or snowboarding on sand can be one of the most adventurous ways to explore the desert. Ski Namibia, set up by Henrik May, a Guinness Book of World Records holder for reaching the sand-skiing speed of 92.12km/h, offers downhill, telemark and cross country skiing in Namibia. The tours are run by Henrik himself and are tailored so you decide how many ascents you want to do and the number of kilometres you would like to cover.

It may be better known for its rugged coastline and indigenous creatures, but Tasmania is also home to skiing - and it's a brilliant place for families. Ben Lomond is popular for its fantastic range of slopes and accommodation. At the top of the 1,500-metre summit you can see the contrasting beauty of the island while you ski down the mountain on what could probably be the most unconventional Australian holiday!


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