Brits ignoring heart disease risks

Caroline Cassidy

The majority of Britons are failing to make simple lifestyle changes that could help prevent heart disease, a new study has revealed.

Brits ignoring heart health risks
Brits ignoring heart health risks

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Of nearly 2,000 adults polled by Lloydspharmacy, two thirds confessed that they did nothing to stay heart healthy, despite the fact that it's one of the UK's biggest killers.

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Heart disease kills is said to kill 80,000 Brits every year, and is responsible for the deaths of more women than any other serious illness, including breast cancer.

Yet the survey, which was conducted to mark National Heart Month, revealed that while 54 per cent of women regularly check their breasts, just 15 per cent monitor their blood pressure.

It was a similar story when it came to men, with 35 per cent taking the time to check their testicles for signs of cancer, but only 20 per cent checking their blood pressure on a regular basis.

An estimate 2.7 million people in the UK are currently living with heart disease, but simple lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy, balanced diet, quitting smoking and checking blood pressure and cholesterol levels can significantly reduce the risk of developing heart problems.

Alison Freemantle, heart health expert at Lloydspharmacy, told the Daily Express: "Most people know their weight and we need to get to a place where people know their blood pressure just as well.
"By having regular check-ups and making simple lifestyle changes, you really can reduce your risk of heart disease."

The pharmacy chain has now created an online heart health calculator, and is launching a free heart health assessment service in stores across the UK.

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