Hot picks from the 2013 Chicago Auto Show

Hot picks from the 2013 Chicago Auto Show

It may not be the biggest name on the international motor show calendar but that hasn't stopped certain brands pulling out the big guns at Chicago's annual festival of metal.

The likes of Kia, Volkswagen and homegrown talent such as Chevrolet pulled the wraps off new models this weekend.
Here's our pick of some of the best

Volkswagen Beetle GSR

This sporty Bug packs a powerful 205bhp turbocharged engine and a limited edition paintjob that mimics the colour scheme of the Beetle 1303 S that made its debut 40 years ago. Only 3,500 of these will be made, so snap them up quick if you're a fan of retro chic and potent powerplants.

Chevrolet Turbo Camaro

You're eyes aren't deceiving you, this is a ludicrously modified Camaro, but unfortunately it's not due for a production run. That's a shame because this promotional car (made for the new Disney film Turbo) packs a custom front splitter and a massive rear wing. It also has the hood of the COPO Camaro while underneath there is a supercharged V8 engine delivering 700+bhp bolted to an automatic transmission.

Chrysler 300S Turbine

The original turbine Chysler was created back in 1963 and was one of the first cars to be powered by a turbine engine. Chrysler has celebrated the 50th anniversary with this glorious one-off that features bespoke blade-alloys and a distinctive front grille. Chrysler has been sensible and stuck to the usual combustion engine underneath the bonnet, however.

Ford Atlas Concept

This gargantuan pick-up looks set to replace America's favourite working vehicle, the Ford F-150. It previews a new era of more fuel-efficient models and features active aerodynamic technology and stop-start functionality that improve fuel consumption. It also uses shutters to close off the gaps in-between the grille slats and wheel spokes, running boards that fold under the body while the truck is moving and an air dam that drops down at cruising speed. A new generation of EcoBoost engines will also add to the green credentials.

Kia Cross GT concept

Kia teased their new luxury SUV just days before the show started but now seen in the flesh, it's easier to appreciate the sleek lines and futuristic angles of the front and rear. The Korean brand hope to take on more luxurious competitors with this one and with 400bhp on tap from a V6 engine and electric motor, we think they're in with a good chance.

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Hot picks from the 2013 Chicago Auto Show
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