Do women need insurance for dating?

woman with flowersThis year's silliest gimmick so far comes from It says single women should be able to get insurance against bad dates with blokes because they pay £400 more than married women for car insurance.

The website says it is trialling Date Insurance to help women claim money back on disastrous dates. It claims three quarters of dates don't work out.'s 'research' claims

  • 76% of dates don't work out
  • 16% of men and 18% of women admit to having left before the end of a date
  • 47% of online daters said they'd been on a date with somebody that looked 'nothing like their profile'
  • Worst first dates include being taken to a wedding and visiting a coffin factory admits its silly idea is "to highlight the fact that single women have to pay up to £400 more for car insurance than married women".

The company says: "Before launching its Date Insurance product fully, is asking women to share their bad date experiences on the site in order to understand the demand for it."

In other words. There's no way this insurance could ever really be launched – it would be so obviously open to fraud and with payouts on three-quarters of dates women would incur huge premiums.

But given Valentine's Day is just around the corner, let's indulge the comparison website a little and pretend its "nationwide survey of 2,000 men and women" has any merit.

When asked why dates went wrong, the majority of respondents, 27%, said they simply didn't 'fancy' their date. Another 9% said they found dates boring and 22% blamed the lack of chemistry. Just a quarter, 24%, of respondents said they hadn't had dates go wrong in the past.

Worst first dates revealed:

  • Sewage Station ( Day Trip)
  • Coffin Factory
  • Meeting the parents
  • Prison visiting
  • Wedding

Stood up?

A quarter of men, 24%, said they'd been stood up, compared to just 16% of women. The survey found that men and women are equally as likely to 'do a runner', with 16% of men and 18% of women admitting to leaving before the end of their date.

A third of people (33%), go on between one and three dates each month, with a quarter of respondents, 26%, stating they use online dating websites. Almost half, 47%, of online daters said they'd been on a date with somebody that looked 'nothing like their online dating profile'.

The topic of who should pay for a date was broached, with the majority, 58%, agreeing that the bill should be split. 24% of women believed men should pick up the tab, something a third, 34%, of men agreed with. Just 4% of respondents think the woman should pay.

It's about car insurance really

In possibly the most embarrassingly uncomfortable segue into what really wanted to talk about – car insurance - Sharon Flaherty, head of content at, said: "Single women pay up to £400 more every year for car insurance than their married counterparts and, in a bid to reduce the cost of finding their perfect partner, we've introduced Date Insurance, a way for women to claim for the cost of disastrous dates.

"Even if not paying for the date itself, the cost of new clothes, makeup and travelling to and from the date all mounts up, further penalising single women. We're taking the risk out of going out for dinner with your friend's idea of your perfect man with our new date insurance, but want to trial the idea before launching fully. Given the sheer volume of horrendous dates our survey highlighted, we're hopeful there'll be interest in the idea!"

Here's the real clue: "To trial the new Date Insurance product, is asking site visitors to submit their bad date experiences at and wants to hear from the public whether or not they'd take advantage of such an insurance policy."

In other words, its just wants more visits to its site to try and sell you car insurance.
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