What's the financial link between Justin Bieber and David Cameron?

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and David Cameron have plenty in common: both are known for their boyish looks and their immense wealth. Both travel with an entourage and can draw a crowd. But it turns out that there's a financial link too.

Bieber has been raising money for Cameron - although he may have had no idea he was doing it.


The strange connection arose when four backstage passes to a Justin Bieber Concert in March were sold at a Conservative Party event, the Black and White party - which is held to raise money for election campaigning.

The auction catalogue said: "The four golden ticket holders will get the chance to go backstage to meet face to face with the gorgeous teen heart-throb." They fetched an impressive £10,000, which should give the Conservative Party a good chunk of firepower for the next election.

However, an interesting twist emerged as the story hit the press. Bieber's record label, Universal UK, put out a statement saying the 'meet and greet passes' had been given in support of the government-backed GREAT campaign "to help spread the word globally about the UK's culture, heritage and creativity".

The Conservative party, meanwhile, told the BBC: "The Black and White Party is a Conservative party fund-raising event. The tickets and access to Justin Bieber were donated to that event. Universal were aware that the money would go towards Conservative party campaigning."

The Daily Mail has speculated at if Bieber does not like the way the tickets have been used he could 'pull the plug' on the deal.

More scandal

It's not the first time that political donations have raise eyebrows. The most famous incident was in 2006 when a number of men who were recommended for life peerages in the House of Lords by Tony Blair were rejected, and it emerged that they had loaned large sums of cash to the Labour Party. The party was forced to repay the loans. It has gone down in political history as the 'Cash for Honours' scandal.

In March last year there was the 'Cash for Access' scandal, where reporters from The Sunday Times filmed Conservative Party co-treasurer Peter Cruddas appearing to offer access to Cameron and George Osborne for £250,000.

It seems that no party is immune to this. They are forced to raise money in order to fight elections, and in the process while plenty of boring and acceptable choices are taken, some highly questionable decisions can also be made.

It's not clear whether there was anything questionable about the use of the Bieber tickets, but at the very least it could backfire.

There is still the chance that four well-connected, spectacularly wealthy, highly over-excited Bieber fans could be put off voting Tory for life.

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What's the financial link between Justin Bieber and David Cameron?














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