Rolls-Royce seeking young apprentices to learn luxury car craft

Rolls-Royce seeking young apprentices to learn luxury car craft

Forget a summer spent trapped in a fast food restaurant or work experience in a stuffy office, Rolls-Royce is offering 16-24 year-olds the chance to "work alongside skilled craftspeople in leather, wood, paint, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, assembly and finesse roles," at the firm's Goodwood plant.

Successful apprentices will get the opportunity to learn what it takes to manufacture some of the most luxurious cars in the world without the risk of Alan Sugar bellowing, "you're fired!"
Rolls-Royce says: "The selection process is designed to guarantee recruitment of the very best candidates who could have the opportunity to further grow with the company following a successful apprenticeship period. The programme was also recently extended to the business areas and the first business apprentice was recruited."

The apprenticeships last for up to four years and combine on-the-job training with studying for nationally recognised qualifications. The programme has been designed in conjunction with the Learning Skills Council (LSC) and several local colleges so candidates come away with real qualifications.

The apprentices will join the company at an exciting time, with Rolls-Royce having recently announced record sales results. The company has also recently confirmed the launch of its new model, Wraith, set for unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show.

There's no news on whether the young apprentices receive a company car but potential candidates should click here if interested.
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