Maternity leave 'hard' for bosses

pregnant working womanThe Fixer presenter Alex Polizzi has said it is difficult for employers to run a business while staff are on maternity leave.

The hotelier has forged a successful broadcasting career, taking over from Ruth Watson as the Hotel Inspector on Five, and now presenting The Fixer, touring the country meeting family businesses struggling to stay afloat, for the BBC.%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%

Asked whether she had encountered the glass ceiling in her career, Polizzi, who is the granddaughter of hotelier Lord Forte, told the Radio Times: "Oh my God, yes.

"I absolutely think of myself as a feminist but it's quite hard to run a business around people who are constantly off on maternity leave, and may or may not come back."

Polizzi, who has a three-year-old daughter, added: "The Government pays, so it's not the money, it's just difficult to find very good people to fill a position that's supposed to be temporary.

"So I think some of it is a natural result of biology and some of it is just because we're not given a bloody chance."

Eight months pregnant Polizzi, who has worked for her family company around the world and, with her husband, set up a wholesale bakery which supplies high-end retailers, said that the playing field should be levelled through changes to childcare.

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