Toyota to unveil soft-top version of award-winning GT 86 sports car

Toyota to unveil soft-top version of award-winning GT 86 sports car

Toyota's simple, stylish and surprisingly affordable GT 86 set the motoring world ablaze last year.

A combination of a dynamic chassis, old-school rear-wheel-drive handling and understated good looks won the car Top Gear's Car of the Year award from Jeremy Clarkson, as well as many other notable accolades along the way.
Now, the Japanese firm is set to sex up the already successful set of wheels with the unveiling of the FT 86 Open concept at this year's Geneva Motor show in March.

Toyota are only revealing a basic sketch for now, but the seductive scribble clearly shows the clean lines of the GT 86 will remain, while a folding roof (likely to be made of fabric to keep weight down) will replace the standard tin top.

There are currently no plans to unleash the convertible version with a powerful turbocharger, so the same, un-blown 197bhp 2-litre engine will remain.

The added weight of the folding roof is likely to add few tenths of a second to the 0-60mph sprint time, though.

Many journalists criticised the lack of grunt from the GT 86's engine but Auto Express claim the company is looking into hybrid technology as an answer to the slight lack of power.

The FT 86 Open will be at Geneva to "help Toyota gauge public reaction to the idea", according to the company, but judging from the success of the GT 86, expect the convertible version to go on sale Spring next year and cost around £26,000.
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