The Top 5 Super Bowl car commercials

The Top 5 Super Bowl car commercials

The Super Bowl attracts a worldwide television audience of around 100million viewers each year and despite the rulebook proving a more difficult read than Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment, millions of us Brits tune in to witness the razzamatazz.

Where there are high-profile American sports and massive global audiences, there are usually very long and very expensive adverts. This year was no different, with a 30 second slot during one of the many intervals costing around £2.5million.
Despite the eye-watering price tag of each ad slot and the global financial struggles most companies face, many car manufacturers opted to showcase their brand via this wallet-busting medium.

The result is some surprisingly entertaining skits, of which 5 corkers are featured below:

Volkswagen "Get in. Get happy."

This bizarre (and racially questionable) advert showcases the new VW Beetle and its ability to turn all occupants into patois-chatting sunshine spreaders.

Mercedes-Benz "Soul"

A star-studded cast that includes Kate Upton, Usher and Willem Dafoe help reinforce the idea that owning a CLA makes you very cool.

Dodge Ram Trucks "God made a farmer"

This surprisingly dramatic ode to farmers across the globe features stunning photography and a voiceover from the now-deceased American radio broadcaster Paul Harvey reading his touching "God Made a Farmer" speech.

Kia "Space Babies"

To advertise the new Kia Sorento, the Korean brand decided to tackle the ago-old debate of where babies come from. According to Kia, they come from space.

Acura "NSX"

None other than celebrity car nut and comedian extraordinaire Jerry Seinfeld stars in this brilliant ad for the upcoming Acura (Honda to you and me) NSX. The punch line is a cracker, especially if you can spot your celebrity car collectors.

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