Reckless over-50s take risks on holiday

Caroline Cassidy

You might imagine that the Club 18-30 crowd were the ones living a wild lifestyle on their annual break, but according to a new survey, the over-50s are just as likely to take risks in foreign climes.

Over-50s taking risks on holiday
Over-50s taking risks on holiday

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The poll of 1,000 Brits aged 50 or over, conducted by Staysure, revealed that boozing, rowing with friends and family, and holiday romances are par for the course for the mature traveller, with some admitting to "going off with a stranger".

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A third of those who took part in the survey even confessed they are more likely to take holiday risks now than they would have done in their youth.

While many put regular trips abroad down as a top priority, a sizeable number admitted they neglected to lock valuables away, chowed down on dodgy food or failed to get insurance cover before jetting off.

And a fifth of those quizzed claimed they often found themselves in dangerous situations during their travels.

But that's clearly not putting the over-50s off, because safaris, trekking and visits to undeveloped regions are high on their wishlists.
It wasn't all plain sailing, however, as buying a timeshare and attempting to maintain a holiday romance after the trip featured among the list of travel regrets.

Ryan Howsam, chief executive of Staysure, told the Daily Express: "Their holidays are about visiting far-flung destinations and engaging in daring experiences to get the most out of their trips abroad."

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