Mum-of-three beaten by teen on train for asking her to stop singing

Mum-of-three beaten by teen on train for asking her to stop singing

A terrified mother-of-three was attacked by a teenage girl on a busy train after she asked her to stop singing sectarian songs.

The Daily Record reports that Elizabeth Irwin, 39, was viciously beaten by Jade McKnight, 17, who was returning home from a Celtic v Dunfermline match.

Horrified passengers watched as Celtic fan McKnight screamed abuse at the mother of three, pulled her hair and called her an 'Orange b*****d' before repeatedly punching her.

Elizabeth and her husband Tom were heading home to Wishaw, Lanarkshire, when she was attacked.

The Scottish Sun reports that last night Elizabeth said: 'McKnight and her friends sat across from us, singing and chanting.

'She kept telling me to join in. When I said no she called me an orange b****** and hurled abuse at me.

'I asked her to move as I didn't want to listen. She then yanked my hair and dragged me about.

'I was black and blue, suffered concussion and headaches. My chest was bruised and I ended up with a black eye.'

McKnight was arrested at Wishaw after the attack last February on a Glasgow to Lanark train.

She admitted assault and a charge of threatening and abusive behaviour with a sectarian element.

Tory MSP Margaret Mitchell said: 'The public should be protected from behaviour like this.'

McKnight is to reappear in court for sentencing this week.

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