This week's discounts, deals and freebies

Freebie Friday

Welcome to Freebie Friday, a weekly round up of the very best discounts, deals and freebies around. This week we are resisting the marketing madness, to bring you a range of sensible, unromantic vouchers that should turn out to be roughly 100% more useful than a bunch of wilted roses or uncomfortable underwear.

We have cheap pizza, groceries and days out, plus free snacks for everyone ... nothing romantic there.

Dominos Pizza

Nothing says 'Valentines, what Valentines?' like ordering in a pizza delivery. And by inputting the code FEEDME50 at the checkout you can get 50% off any order of £15 or more with It's valid until Sunday, and you'll have to order online at, but it's a small price to pay for half-price pizza.

£5 off Lidl

It's possibly a less romantic gift destination than your local garage forecourt, so Lidl is the ideal shop for those dodging Valentines. Now you can get £5 off every shop of over £35 into the bargain. Just visit the shop's Facebook page, and 'like' it, to get your hands on your voucher.

You'll then have until Sunday to spend your voucher, and you'll have a permanent reminder on your Facebook timeline of your money-saving prowess.

Free Graze Snacks

If you sign up to Graze between now and 12 February, enter the code PW5P6Y5 at the checkout and you'll get a box of snacks free. These usually cost £3.98 and constitute four snacks, which can include things like flapjacks, olives, popcorn and bread.

The only drawback is that in order to get your free one you'll have to sign up to a subscription, which means you'll get a box delivered each week. You can get the freebie by signing up and then cancelling after your free box, but you will have to remember to cancel.

Red Letter Days

This is being flogged as a Valentine's opportunity (presumably if you want a romantic meal or weekend away) but some of the experiences available are too good to waste on your Valentine.

How about forming a band with your mates and spending a few hours in a recording studio with free refreshments... admittedly for a £499 outlay... or power down the Thames on a rib, followed by drinks at Millbank's Sky Bar.. for £50. This voucher makes things marginally more affordable, offering 20% off. Although you'll need to book by 3 February,

£5 off gifts

Another voucher which is being touted as a Valentine's Special, is for Prezzybox. is running a deal whereby you can enter the code VALENTINES at the checkout and can get £5 off when you spend £40 (it's valid until 17 February).

Again you could spend it on a personalised romantic book, or a 'you are priceless' necklet for the metrosexual man in your life. However, surely it has to be more fun to buy crystals which turn your bath into green slime (and back again), a zombie movie making kit, or a ukulele.
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