Enormous pothole swallows VW Polo

Enormous pothole swallows VW Polo

There has been widespread coverage of the poor state of the UK's road network but one unlucky driver found out first hand what it's like to get on the wrong side of a gigantic pothole.

As the unwitting driver passed over what looked like a large puddle, the vehicle suddenly nosedived into a large hole that had opened up overnight.
The VW Polo came to an abrupt halt, its front wheels lodged in the opening to the 5ft-deep chasm, caused by a burst water main.

Police were called to the rush hour incident in Whalley Range, Manchester, at 7.15am.

The road was closed while fire crews winched the car out. Luckily, the driver escaped without injury.

Alarmed witnesses said that firefighters were reluctant to get too close to the car in case more of the road surface gave way.

Bystander James Clarke said: "I was just on the school run. That road's got a few places where repairs have been done and it looks like one of those patches caved in. Floods are very, very rare around here."

Another onlooker said: 'It was still dark as the woman drove down the road, so she would have just seen this enormous puddle and thought it would be okay to drive through. It must have come as an awful shock."

The accident occurred after days of gale force winds and heavy downpours that have caused flooding and travel disruption across the country.

It is becoming more apparent that the UK road networks can't cope with such adverse weather conditions.

Earlier this week we revealed that potholes are increasing in size due to cheap asphalt being used by local authorities in bodged repairs.
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