British man dies in bridge plunge after losing passport in Russia

British man dies in bridge plunge after losing passport in Russia

A British man has died after falling from a bridge in Moscow following reports he had lost his passport, and possibly all his money.

The man, described as "youngish", was found at the bottom of the Novoarbatskiy Bridge, where he hit a slab of concrete encased in ice, close to the Moscow River.

According to the Daily Mail, an eyewitness named as Yaroslav said: "The man was standing on the bridge for a long time. Then he leaned over the handrail and fell down, on the ice. He died instantly.

"He received multiple fractures."

Footage from Russia's Life News website suggested the death was suicide, and that the man had struggled to find somewhere to stay after losing his money and documents.

A police source told the Daily Mail: "This man came to the police because he had lost his documents. He was taken to the British Embassy.

"At 6.40 pm on Wednesday a witness called the police emergency number and said he saw a man walking on the edge of the bridge, then climbing the railings and jumping down."

Consular staff did arrange for him to call his bank in Britain, as well as helping him find a hostel that did not require a passport.

But the man left the hostel and headed to the bridge, located near the British Embassy, where the fatal fall occurred.

A spokesman from the British Embassy said they were aware of the death of a British national in Moscow, and were ready to provide consular assistance to his relatives.

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