Driver triumphant after 11-month long speed camera crusade

Driver triumphant after 11-month long speed camera crusade

Taxi driver Andrew Constantine has overturned a fine for doing 50mph in a 30mph zone by using speed camera images to prove he was only traveling at 18mph.

Despite his success, Constantine will still face hundreds of pounds in legal fees and court costs.
Mr Constantine was shocked to receive a fixed penalty notice when he clearly remembered carrying an elderly passenger, therefore driving with extra care, when he was supposedly snapped for speeding.

The father of two from Norwich appealed and hired a specialist motoring offences lawyer to support his case.

His battle dragged on for 11 months, until earlier this week the case was dropped moments before a court hearing was due to start after the prosecution looked at the photographic evidence and agreed there had been a mistake.

Using simple mathematics, two pictures taken by the Gatso speed camera showed Mr Constantine had been well under the speed limit. The images were taken about half a second apart over a distance of four metres marked by white lines on the road – proving his speed was 17.8mph.

Despite walking away victorious, the wrongly accused Constantine is entitled to claim only about three-quarters of the £1,600 he spent on his solicitor, due to a cap on hourly legal fees that may be claimed in motorists' cases.

He said yesterday: "Some other people may have just taken the medicine and accepted it, but I was innocent.

"It was nice to walk into court innocent, leave court innocent and be completely vindicated."

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