£7,000 compensation to driver injured in buffalo stampede

£7,000 compensation to driver injured in buffalo stampede

A security manager has been awarded £7,000 after a herd of stampeding buffalo locked horns with his Ford Fiesta.

Jon Maccoll was working a shift in the early hours of the morning, travelling from Darley Dale to Chesterfield, Derbyshire, when he saw five of the animals coming towards him.> He swerved to avoid the buffalo, which had run into the road after escaping from a specialist meat farm, but one of them charged directly towards Mr Maccoll and rammed his Ford Fiesta, lifting the back wheels clear off the ground.

Mr Maccoll suffered neck, shoulder, finger and knee as well as psychological injuries, Sheffield-based solicitors Graysons said.

Unfortunately, the badly injured buffalo wasn't so lucky as police marksmen put the beast out of its misery to stop it suffering further.

Mr Maccoll, 44, from Danesmoor in Derbyshire, brought his case under the Animals Act 1971, making a claim against the animal's owner.

£7,000 compensation to driver injured in buffalo stampede

He eventually secured a settlement of £7,000 for nuisance and common law negligence. Mr Maccoll said he tried to stop when the buffalo came towards him but it "came out of nowhere".

He was travelling around 40mph when the animal hit his car, and the impact was so hard that it lifted the back wheels of his Ford Fiesta off the ground.

He said he needed a week off work to recover from his injuries and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after suffering nightmares and flashbacks.

He told the The Daily Telegraph website: "The whole incident turned me upside down.

"I am still not quite 100%, but I will hopefully get better as the years go by."
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