Potholes are getting larger due to cheap repairs

Potholes are getting larger due to cheap repairs

The website Potholes.co.uk has recently uncovered that holes in UK road surfaces are deeper and more dangerous than ever before.

The average pothole measured around 3 inches deep last year but the site is reporting an increase of around an inch over the last year.
Duncan McClure, whose company Warranty Direct is running the potholes campaign, said: "The pothole epidemic is the direct result of years of underinvestment in our roads by the Government. Temporary fixes have just escalated the problem over the years and our highways have now got more holes than Swiss cheese.

"Unless more permanent repair materials and methods are adopted immediately, Britain may never again be able to get through a winter without having to contend with a Third World road network."

The website claims that the increase in pothole depth has been caused by a cheaper form of asphalt that has been used to repair roads over the past 10 to 15 years.

The news comes after a report recently carried out by consumer magazine Which? revealed local authorities have forked out £22million in pothole compensation to stricken drivers rather than tackle the issue head-on.

Paul Watters of the AA was quoted recently saying: "The extra £300million (to go towards the UK road networks) that was announced in the Autumn statement will probably be drop in the ocean compared to the likely damage we will see. It may be that emergency funding will be needed once again."

Michael Rudden, a 35-year old plumber from Brechin, Scotland, was a direct victim of the pothole problem when his car was written off after striking an enormous 4m wide pothole on his way to work.

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