Vintage Aston Martin driver floods rare DB5

Vintage Aston Martin driver floods rare DB5

The driver of a £300,000 Aston Martin DB5 may have been watching too many James Bond films before he set off on this fateful journey.

Unfortunately, it was 007's Lotus Esprit that could happily tackle the wet stuff, not the extremely rare and utterly gorgeous DB5, as it was in this case.
It is believed the driver of the DB5 ignored signs, which warned that the road underneath the bridge between Woolstone and Longcot was flooded with up to two feet in water.

Instead, he tried his luck and eventually broke down half way through the knee-high puddle.

Christy Bate, 24, snapped the stricken car after she and boyfriend Tom Kennedy came across the flooded road after a visit to the Uffington White Horse. Mr Kennedy said to the Daily Mail: "We came across the stuck cars and realised it was a vintage car which had become stuck.

"When we saw on the picture it was a DB5 we realised exactly which car had become stuck."

Damage to the vintage car will be costly as Mr Kennedy further revealed: "I looked through the window and the water was right up to the seats - it was waterlogged."

Only 1,023 Aston Martin DB5's were ever produced and they are often considered the most iconic sports car the British firm has ever produced thanks to its starring role in various Bond movies.

This isn't the first time a wealthy car owner has risked floodwaters as lottery winner Robert Johnson recently wrote off his £100,000 Bentley Continental by driving through a dangerously flooded road.
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