Tourist stranded at Santiago Airport for two months

Ruth Doherty
Tourist stranded at Santiago Airport for two months
Tourist stranded at Santiago Airport for two months

In a story reminiscent of Tom Hanks' hit film, The Terminal, a tourist has been stranded at Santiago Airport for two months. Scroll down for the video.

Spanish tourist Rodrigo Ben-Azul flew to Chile from Spain, reportedly to resolve a dispute with some family members who live there. Unfortunately, his bid was unsuccessful and he returned to the airport with no money, says the Telegraph.

He has been waiting for funds from relatives in Spain to get him home ever since.

Local newspaper PubliMetro reports that he earns money by returning luggage trolleys to their storage area and pocketing the coins.

He searches for food and cigarette butts in rubbish bins, sleeps in the corners of the building, and wanders around with his luggage and his earphones on.

Rodrigo reportedly does not know when the money will arrive for his return flight home, or how long he will have to stay at the airport.

According to the NY Daily News, he told Chilean TV station Megavision: "I am trying to return to Spain. I'm waiting for them to send me money for the ticket."

His story echoes the tale of the 2004 film, The Terminal, in which Tom Hanks' character, Viktor Navorski, is stuck at New York's JFK Airport for nine months.

According to the Daily Mail, the film was partly inspired by of Iranian refugee Mehran Karimi Nasseri, who spent 17 years living in the Charles de Gaulle International Airport's Terminal I in Paris from 1988 to 2006.

What's the longest you've been stuck at an airport? Tell us your stories below!

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