Driving Delights Part 2: The world's top 5 driving routes

Driving Delights Part 2: 5 of the world's greatest driving routes

If our guide to the the Top 5 UK road trips has whet your appetite for something more exotic, fear not, as we have compiled a list of the greatest driving routes on planet earth.

We can't be held accountable for the state of your bank account when you return but we can promise stunning scenery, idyllic points of interest and some of the most rewarding driving roads available to humankind.
1. Highway 1, Big Sur, California, USA

This stretch of typically American highway runs along the craggy coastline of central California and provides unrivalled views of the Pacific Ocean. Progress can be slow at peak times as an abundance of crawling motor homes and distracted Sunday drivers do their best to quash any enjoyment, but locals recommend a detour to the less-traveled Nacimiento-Fergusson Road where drivers are treated to a bird's eye view of the ocean below and much quieter driving conditions.

2. Nurburgring Nordschleife, Germany

There aren't many race circuits in the world that allow any old Herbert to turn up in his or her Rover Metro and attack the track but the Nurburgring is one of them. For €26 you can pitch up in whatever you like and take on the 12.93 mile loop that features no less than 154 turns and a reputation for chewing up and spitting out amateurs.

3. Ruta 40, Argentina

Ruta 40 is one of the longest stretches of highway in the world, connecting 20 national parks with countless passes through the Andes mountain range. Website Popular Mechanics says, "If you don't have time for the entire span of more than 3000 miles, we recommend bypassing the tourist-clogged southern portion and exploring the harrowing and gorgeous upper elevations, where Ruta 40 climbs as high as 16,000 feet above sea level."

4. Touge Roads of Mount Fuji

If you type this destination into YouTube you will be greeted by countless videos of Japanese youths sliding around precarious mountain switchbacks in heavily modified, rear-wheel-drive sports cars. It's arguably the birthplace of drifting and it's also a chance to drive up Japan's tallest mountains and take in the breathtaking views... sideways!

5. Stelvio Pass, Italy

No driving guide worth it's salt would dare to leave out the Stelvio Pass, it's the epitome of a great driving road thanks to its 48 switchbacks and 15 miles of almost perfect road surface. The Top Gear team has famously filmed here and petrolheads from across the globe make the pilgrimage every year. Just don't try and make that trip during the winter months as the Stelvio Pass closes due to bad weather.

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