Video: Man risks his life by jumping on to railway tracks to retrieve football

Police are searching for a man who risked his life by jumping on to the railway tracks at Pallion Metro station in Sunderland to retrieve a football.

According to the Daily Mail, the incident occurred on Sunday 11 November at the station in Sunderland and British Transport Police have released images of the 'stupid' and 'dangerous' stunt in a bid to identify the man.

The Northern Echo reports that PC Graham Marshall, of British Transport Police, said: 'In this case the man risks his life to retrieve a football, it's crazy.

'We have undertaken extensive enquiries to trace this man to speak to him about this dangerous behaviour.

'The railway is an inherently dangerous environment, with regular trains running on the tracks and electric currents.'

He added: 'This man was extremely lucky that a train was not passing through Pallion station at the time of the incident or the consequences could have been unthinkable.

'We regularly see people dropping things onto the tracks at stations and climbing down to retrieve them.

'I hope this warning makes people think twice about risking your life in this way for the sake of replaceable belongings.'

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