Video: Woman falls into freezing canal while texting her boyfriend

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If ever there was a reason to stop texting while you're walking along, this is it.

A Capital FM newsreader became news herself this week when she was caught on CCTV so engrossed in texting that she walked straight into a freezing canal.

Laura Safe, 27 (who found herself not quite living up to her name that morning) appeared on BBC Breakfast on Thursday to talk about her embarrassing slip-up.

She told the hosts: "I was walking down the steps from the Mailbox in Birmingham, and if you walk down them and take another three steps you end up in the canal as there's no barrier across there.

"So I'm walking along, I'd been up since 4am because I work on the news for Capital Breakfast in Birmingham. I was a little bit tired texting my boyfriend, wasn't looking where I was going, and I thought ice on the canal was pavement, because it just looked dark in the corner of my eye.

"I basically walked along and a man shouted in slow motion 'Stop'. I looked up at him but it was too late by that point. I tried to get my balance but ended up slipping into the canal."

"This man came running over, Baywatch-style, grabbed my hand, pulled me up, and saved my life... yeah, the hero."

Laura added that she tried to brush herself off as if nothing had happened before noticing that half of the Pizza Express nearby had rushed out to see if she was OK.

Perhaps she'll refrain from the walk-and-text manoeuvre for a little while to come...

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