British tourist attacked and 'sexually violated' on holiday in New Zealand

British tourist attacked and 'sexually violated' on holiday in New Zealand

An English tourist was left 'bruised and bloody' after she was sexually attacked by a teenager while walking on holiday on Waiheke Island in New Zealand.

Fairfax NZ News reports that the 29-year-old woman was helped by builders working nearby after she escaped her attacker.

A building firm owner said: 'I did a double take. Her face was bruised, bloody and purple.

'We took her in the garage, sat her down and gave her water while she phoned the police.

'I called to a couple of the boys to come down. They rushed down the track but couldn't find the attacker so they came back.'

According to The New Zealand Herald, a 17-year-old boy was later found and charged with injuring with intent and sexually violating the woman. He appeared in Auckland District Court on Thursday and was named as Cane Norton Kelland.

Sergeant Peter Knight said the accused was found at the other end of the walking track between Delamore Drive and Owhanake Bay shortly after the woman called police.

Mr Knight said the woman planned to stay on Waiheke for a night or two, but returned to mainland New Zealand after the incident.

He assured people the island was safe but advised travellers to stay in groups.

'This is a one-off but it is always safer if you walk in groups or go out in groups at night,' he said.

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