New rights for all tenants sought

insulationLandlords of shared houses would be required to improve their energy efficiency under new laws proposed by a former Labour minister.

Alan Whitehead said rules which will prevent homes with an F or G-rating for energy efficiency being let only apply if the whole property is rented by a single tenant.

Under his proposals, the measure would be extended to houses in multiple occupancy (HMOs), enabling tenants to request improvement measures and preventing landlords from renting out draughty, cold properties.

The 2011 Energy Act will, from 2016, give some private renters the right to request that their landlord introduce reasonable energy efficiency improvements to their homes.

The Act also requires landlords to make sure their rented properties meet a minimum energy efficiency standard of grade E by 2018.

But these measures did not include all HMOs, as many are rented out by the room rather than under a single agreement.

"That is rather a lot of tenants left out of these improvements," Mr Whitehead told MPs.

"I don't think that's right, not just because tenants in HMOs are more likely than most to be in fuel poverty yet will be paying more in bills than anyone else on this basis after 2018, or that much needed improvements in our housing stock will completely miss an important and known energy inefficient housing sector, but because those new rights should be there for all tenants, regardless of the exact nature of their tenancies."

Southampton Test MP Mr Whitehead's Energy Efficiency (Houses in Multiple Occupation) Bill was given an unopposed first reading but stands little chance of making further progress due to a lack of parliamentary time.

Factors damaging property value
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New rights for all tenants sought

Pre-recession, homeowners would give little thought to the idea that local repossessions could affect the value of their home. 101 repossessions were recorded every day during the third quarter of 2011 and it has become a real concern.

A new crime map introduced in March 2011 was welcomed by buyers, but approached with trepidation by homeowners concerned about the impact on local property values. The map allows users to view crime statistics online by postcode to find out the crime rates and types of crime in any area.

It is widely recognized that schools with a good reputation increase competition and property demand within a local area, which in turn increases the values of property within the catchment area. Lose the school and the demand will cease too.

The devastation caused by flooding in recent years doesn't appear to paint a positive picture for homeowners faced with the financial and emotion cost of a huge clean up, insurance complications and the potential damaging effect on property values.

The proposed high speed rail link is depressing house prices for thousands of homeowners on the route and many homeowners feel helpless to stop tumbling property values.

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