Video: Plane misses camerawoman by two feet on runway

Ruth Doherty

This is the terrifying moment a small plane came within two feet of hitting a camerawoman on a runway.

The scene begins with the woman filming a man on a quad bike on the tarmac, before the light plane comes zooming in.

The aircraft is filmed quickly turning on its side to miss the biker, and coming in horrifyingly close to the woman filming it all.

According to, the footage is actually stunt pulled off by a group called Those Crazy Texans, who specialise in filming bike stunts and posting them online.

The group uploaded the video along with the caption "What it looks like to have a plane fly within two feet of you at 200mph".

Hmm, we think we'd rather be the assistant in a knife-throwing stunt than get this close to a plane going at 200mph...

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