Passengers evacuated after bus catches fire at Norwich Airport

Passengers evacuated after bus catches fire at Norwich Airport

Six passengers had to be evacuated after a Park and Ride bus caught fire at Norwich Airport.

Fire and rescue crew were called to the airport just before 9.30am on Monday, and six passengers were evacuated after black smoke was seen billowing from the vent above the driver's seat.

It is believed the fire was started by an electrical fault, and a spokesman for the Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service said there were no injuries.

One of the passengers, Tess Ward, told "I saw thick smoke above his (the driver's) head and said loudly: 'What's that smoke?' "Everyone looked and the driver then asked all passenger to evacuate the bus.

"The smell was really strong and the smoke was getting darker. Some of us has to moved farther not to inhale that terrible smell. The driver was on his mobile and not long afterwards the fire brigade arrived, one after the other, pretty quickly."

A fire service spokesman said: "It was a very small fire, mostly smoke. We believe it to be an electrical fault and obviously that bus is now being repaired."

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