UK motorists against proposed speed limit change

UK motorists against proposed speed limit change

A recent survey carried out by car finance specialists Car Loan 4U has found that only 31% of drivers questioned are in favour of the government's proposed speed limit increase from 70mph to 80mph.

Despite as many as 46% of respondents revealing they had broken the current speed limit, backing for the proposed 80mph limit remained relatively weak.
Other findings from the research discovered that only 25% of motorists believe the current national speed limit of 70mph is too slow, with just 7% confessing that even if the speed limit were increased, they would probably still go faster. Further still, a mere 7% believe that there should be no upper speed limit on the UK motorways at all.

Car Loan 4U Co-Director Ryan Dignan comments: "It is quite fascinating to find that a lot of motorists are against the Government's proposed plans to increase the speed limit in 2013, even though our research shows that they have broken the 70mph speed limit.

"The discussion on increasing our national speed limit has been a hot topic for a while now, especially with the more recent mentions of trialing it across the country, with a lot of people understandably having strong opinions."

The UK's national speed limit is renowned for being slower than many EU countries, with Poland allowing drivers to top 87mph, France 81mph and 75mph in Ireland, Portugal and Spain. 30% of drivers who answered the survey agreed that all EU countries should have the same speed limit.

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