Traffic warden hands out ticket to van that was overhanging yellow lines by one inch

Traffic warden hands out ticket to van that was overhanging yellow lines by one inch

Lincoln-based window cleaner Andrew Wilson was shocked to find a parking ticket on the window of his work van after parking on his own driveway.

The rear bumper of the Ford Escort van was overhanging a double yellow line by just one inch and ironically, the lines were laid to stop other motorists parking on Mr Wilson's property in the first place.
Wilson explained that he couldn't pull his van any further onto his own driveway due to construction work being carried out on his property.

"I went out ranting and raving and saying 'what are you doing?" he told the Daily Mail.

"There was about three or four people in our street shouting at her. She said there was nothing she could do about it.

"I said 'you can see the driveway, I can't use it' and she just walked off. The wheels are on my drive but the tiniest part of the vehicle is overhanging the lines.

"I would say it was hanging maybe half way over the first yellow line, probably only two centimetres. The warden must have got a ruler out and measured just how far over the line I was.

"The galling thing is the lines are there to stop my and other people's cars being blocked in by other people."

Andrew Wilson is refusing to pay the £70 fine, saying, "It's a £70 fine but if you pay it in 14 days then it's £35. I'm not going to pay it. I've appealed against it and sent the photos I took."

Mick Phoenix, parking services manager for Lincolnshire County Council, said: "Mr Wilson has appealed against his ticket, so we will be investigating this. This will involve comparing any notes or photos taken by the parking officer with the evidence supplied by Mr Wilson.

"We usually have a decision in around 14 working days. The parking officers are asked to take a common sense approach when issuing a ticket. If we find Mr Wilson has been penalised in error, we will, of course cancel his ticket. However, if the ticket is upheld, there is option to reappeal."
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