Snow prompts rush of 4x4 buyers

%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%Range RoverSnowbound Brits are desperate to buy second-hand 4X4 vehicles to help them get about as the country shivers in freezing temperatures.

Used car website has found that searches for 4x4s have shot up in the past week, with overall searches for 4x4s up 24% and searches for the iconic British rugged Range Rovers up 282%.
Compared with normal weekly searches, found many more searches for several 4x4 models last week. The top 5 increases compared with a normal week were for:
  • Any Range Rover 282.8%
  • Volvo XC90 189.7%
  • BMW X5 135.4%
  • Honda CR-V 90.0%
  • BMW X3 54.7%

The AA reported that up to 3.45 pm yesterday (Friday) it had received 182 car insurance claims, compared with the 129 average expected for the whole of a typical January Friday. Of those, approaching half (43%) were snow and ice related.

More than a third were claims following collisions with fences, hedges, walls, kerbs, trees and lamp-posts. A third were tail-end crunches and 10 per cent were collisions with oncoming vehicles. Most of the rest involved hitting parked cars. An unfortunate few ended up in deep water - one driver sliding off the road and ending up in a Norfolk dyke.
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