Aston Martin Vanquish reaches dizzy heights of Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai

Aston Martin Vanquish reaches dizzy heights of Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai

Esteemed British luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin is pushing the boat out to celebrate 100 years of producing some of the most iconic sports cars ever made.

2013 will be jam-packed with a plethora of parties, events and specially organised races to celebrate 100 years of Aston Martin and the British firm kicked things off in true James Bond style by parking a sparkling new Vanquish at the top of the infamous Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai.
A helicopter lifted the 565bhp British supercar to the helipad of the hotel where local celebrities and businessmen gathered to admire its sleek curves and sporty presence.

An Aston Martin representative said, "Dubai and the Middle East are significant markets for us and we are working hard to further increase awareness of the brand in these territories."

He continued, "The stunt went down very well in Dubai, with lots of local news outlets picking up the story and running with it. We have just opened a showroom there so this event was a good way to reinforce the fact Aston Martin has arrived in the area."

The flashy publicity stunt proves that the company's financially troubled past is merely a distant memory. The company has changed owners several times over its 100 year history.

"Aston Martin still has work to do in some territories," explains our contact at Aston Martin. "If you mention the brand in China, they don't instantly think of the cool credentials of James Bond like they do in the UK but we hope to change that."

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