Man City striker Carlos Tevez banned from driving because of language barrier

Man City striker Carlos Tevez banned from driving because of language barrier

The Manchester City striker and Argentinian international will face a 6-month ban from driving because he failed to understand the word "constabulary" on official documents sent by police.

Tevez was sent multiple letters from Cheshire Constabulary after he was clocked speeding on two separate occasions, but failed to respond because he only understands the word "police".
The footballer's solicitor, Gwyn Lewis, told the court: "He does understand the word 'police', but not more complicated words."

"The letters are written from Cheshire Constabulary and the word police doesn't appear on it anywhere."

Last November Lancaster magistrates imposed an interim ban on Tevez after he failed to provide information when his car was clocked doing 39mph in a 30mph zone in Morecambe, Lancashire, on March 28.

He then failed to respond to letters sent to him by police on April 3 and May 4. The court heard that Tevez's Hummer vehicle was also clocked doing 66mph in a 50mph zone in Crewe, Cheshire, on May 8 and that he again failed to respond to letters from the police about it.

On November 15, last year, his Porsche Panamera was impounded in Manchester as he could not produce a full UK driving licence. It was found that the striker was listed as owning a provisional license and he was not displaying L-plates.

Tevez, who reportedly earns £150,000 a week from his club Manchester City, isn't a stranger to the police impounding process as his Bentley Continental GT was also seized under similar circumstances in 2009.

Mr Lewis defended the footballer's lack of licence by explaining that the theory test will be problematic for his client as it's normally conducted in English.

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