Fabulous fitness wear

Caroline Cassidy

Embarking on a New Year fitness regime is rarely an easy task, and if you're new to the gym game, you're probably tempted to don baggy sweats and old T-shirts to hide the odd Christmas bulge.

Fitnesswear for 2013
Fitnesswear for 2013

But whether you're a seasoned fitness fanatic or an exercise newbie, there's no reason why you can't look good while you burn off those calories. In fact, if you try some of this fabulous fitness gear, you'll probably be dying to get down to the gym and show it off.

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If you're happy to show off a little skin while you work out, then you'll be pleased to hear that bare back tanks will be all the rage this year. Check out Sweaty Betty's Dynamic Mover Vest (£65), which boasts bang on trend laser-cut side panels, crossed back straps in a fabric designed to wick away sweat. For more support, try Nike's Tie Break Graphic Tank top (£29), which features wider straps but an open back for extra ventilation.

For those who prefer to hide the wobbly bits, try the Urban Gym Tank from Moving Comfort (£40), which includes a double layer to flatter your figure.

Of course, anyone who's not safe and warm at the gym will need long sleeves and layers for the winter season. Reebok's Easytone Hoodie (from £43) is great for anyone looking to tone up without showing off their body. The inner layer features integrated toning bands to add resistance, helping to strengthen and tone muscles and improve posture - the outer layer, made of PlayDry fabric to wick away moisture, gives the item the look of a regular hoodie.

If you're heading out in the cold early mornings or dark evenings, a Ronhill Thermal Max base layer (£40.50) is guaranteed to keep you warm whatever the weather, as it uses Ronhill's ThermaLite technology to regulate body temperature.

And any outdoor fitness fan will know, a high-vis item is an essential. The Fast Wing III jacket by Salomen (£80) is super lightweight with reflective detailing and a gorgeous fit, while Ronhill's Vizion jacket range (from £45) features breathable, wind resistant fabrics that ensure you'll always be seen.

When it comes to bottoms, it depends whether you're proud to show yours off, or would rather keep it under wraps. Bright, neon leggings are still hot in fitness fashion. Nike's Engineered Print tights (£50) add a flash of yellow, but if you're after a cheaper alternative try Zoca's 3Q running tights (£35), which offer more muted shades.

As the weather starts to get warmer, capris are a great item to have in the wardrobe. And the great news is that they come in tight or loose versions. Moving Comfort's Flow (£35) range has no cuff on the leg so you'll feel comfortable in warm weather, or try Nike's Rand de Jambe Obsessed capri (£41), like a jogging bottom but with three quarter length cuff. And if you're keen to keep your behind covered up, Sweaty Betty's Stride Run Skort capri (£55) features a skirt that will hide any embarrassing bulges.

A decent pair of shoes is essential for many fitness activities and it's the one item that's probably worth splashing a little more cash on. Hot shoes this year are lightweight and breathable, and the trend for 'barefoot' running style footwear is still going strong.
At £115, the Saucony Triumph 10 shoe isn't cheap, but its three independently responsive layers give it shock absorbency that's hard to beat - and it comes in luminous colours that are ideal for winter jogging.

For a barefoot running experience, Merrell is definitely a name to try, and once you've got to grips with the barefoot style of jogging, you'll appreciate just how comfortable their Trail Glove (from £52) really is.

An excellent all rounder, meanwhile, is the Reebok Realflex (from £65), which is designed to move and flex as your feet naturally would, benefitting runners and gym goers alike.

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