Children risking lives by 'surfing' on moving trains

Children risking lives by 'surfing' on moving trains

Children as young as seven are putting their lives at risk with a 'mindless' craze that sees them trying to 'surf' on the side of moving trains.

According to the Glamorgan Gazette, police have warned that the fad involves youngsters hanging off passenger trains at Maesteg and Garth stations in Bridgend, and while there have been few reports in Britain, it has claimed hundreds of lives and caused thousands of serious injuries around the world.

The BBC reports that police have pledged to take action but say the stunt is so dangerous that it should be enough of a deterrent.

In one incident, a guard spotted a group of children attempting to 'surf' off the side of a train as it pulled out of Maesteg railway station.

Sgt Steve Dawkins of British Transport Police said: 'It is hard to believe that anyone could be so mindless as to try to surf off the side of a train.

'It would only take a minor slip for them to fall between the train and the platform. They are gambling with their lives.

'I am extremely concerned that it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or even killed.'

Sgt Dawkins told Glamorgan Gazette that parents should ask themselves where their children are spending their time playing.

He said: 'These are extremely worrying incidents which could quite easily have had dire consequences.

'Sadly, we have already seen examples on other areas where this incredibly dangerous act has resulted in serious injury – I don't want that scenario repeated here.

'Those who survive this type of incident can rest assured that BTP will do everything possible to trace them and take necessary action.

'We simply will not tolerate any behaviour which puts lives at risk. The railway is not a playground and should never be treated as such.'

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