Video: Is this Bigfoot's lair in the forests of Arizona?

Video: Is this Bigfoot's lair in the forests of Arizona?

A researcher and Bigfoot expert is believed to have found the home of the legendary creature in the wild woods of Arizona.

The Daily Mail reports that Mitch Waite and his wife Susan Farnsworth filmed the lair buried half under the ground with a narrow entrance in the Tonto National Forest.

The nest was discovered in 2010 and features on Animal Planet's 'Finding Bigfoot' series, but there is little evidence that the giant ape lives in the hole.

Instead it could be the home of Bigfoot-type creature the Mogollan Monster, who crypto-zoologists believe inhabits the south west of the United States.

Cowboys, drifters and forestry walkers have reported sightings of the creature for decades and some claim it has attacked and mauled people.

The Voice of Russia reports that the first sightings of the 'monster' were in the early 1900s and it is described as standing seven to ten feet tall with brown and red hair. The Mogollan Monster is also characterised by its strong musky odour.

Waite collected footprints, hair samples and faeces to back his claim that he discovered the nest where the creature used to sleep.

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