Incredible pic shows deadly tiger shark in the palm of diver's hand

Incredible bond between diver and deadly tiger shark

A man with an extraordinary bond with often deadly tiger sharks can roll them in the palm of his hand - and even kiss them.

Eli Martinez, 41, travels to Tiger Beach off the Bahamas multiple times every year and has struck up an incredible relationship with the local sharks.

He says that by going through the exact same routine for the past 10 years, he can now not only spot which shark is which but that they recognise the interactions, too.

But despite the amazing level of trust he insists he never forgets what they are capable of and why they have a reputation for being one of the top predators in the world.

Eli, from Alamo in Texas, USA, told Caters News: "They are wild animals so you can never get 100% comfortable - they are deserving of the respect the other divers and I show them.

"I've been going to the same spot for the last 10 years and after a few repeat interactions they know the drill but I must not forget what they're capable of.

"We're usually surrounded by two to four tiger sharks plus around 40 lemon sharks and close to 60 reef sharks - they're a bit smaller and more feisty but you have to respect them all the same.

"You can spot which one is which by their different markings. They have various scratches and scars so you see them all the time.

"Hook is one of my darlings and Alex is always around too. I'm able to get them to roll 180 degrees in the palm of my hand.

"They are really calm creatures unless they feel threatened so it's important none of us did anything to alarm them - they know we are not in the water to harm them."

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