Reckless youths tie barbed wire across busy road in dangerous prank

Reckless youths tie barbed wire across busy road in dangerous prank

Alarmed motorists witnessed a group of youths tying barbed wire across Grimsby's busy Peaks Parkway yesterday evening.

Humberside Police have branded the culprits as "highly irresponsible" as they waited for innocent motorists to plough into the razor sharp wire. Local resident Mellissa Findlay watched in horror as around 15 youths gathered as two others held the wire taut across a junction at Welholme Road.
"I don't know what they are trying to do, but it's really dangerous," explained Findlay while speaking to the Grimsby Telegraph. "They are risking their lives and putting drivers at risk. My husband managed to stop just in time."

"There was a car parked in the road just ahead of us and two lads kneeling next to the car pulling wire out from under wheels. They had been standing on either side of the road holding the wire for cars to hit it, and about 15 more were watching and laughing," said Findlay.

Humberside Police's casualty reduction officer PC Barry Gardner said, "They are being highly irresponsible – I can't understand how they could even contemplate such actions.

"The consequences of a car or vulnerable road users, such as a motorbike or cyclist, hitting something obstructing the road would be inconceivable. Why would anyone want to do it?

"Placing something across the carriageway is a criminal offence and could cause a lot of problems.

"Humberside Police take these criminal offences very seriously and will be investigating further."

So far no offenders have been caught.
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