Lewis Hamilton lays down some tracks

Lewis Hamilton lays down some tracks

The life of a Formula 1 driver is one that is choc-full of exclusive parties, scantily clad women and glitzy locations but Lewis Hamilton seems to be lusting after more, as recent snaps from his Twitter account reveal his musical side.

Hamilton Tweeted, "Working with my homie @thisisangel and @ericbellinger" alongside a photograph of the former McLaren driver sat in front of a mixing desk at an unknown music studio. The flanking rappers are UK grime artist Angel, famous for his 2012 mainstream hit Go In, Go Hard and R&B artist Eric Bellinger.
A source told The Sun, "Lewis has been spending a lot of his spare time in the studio. His vocals have been impressive."

But despite his recent dabble in the music production industry; Hamilton's agents claim he has no plans to follow in the footsteps of his X-Factor judge girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger and release a single.

Lewis landed himself in hot water last year when he took to Twitter to berate his former McLaren teammate Jenson Button for "unfollowing" him. Lewis later apologised when it was revealed that Button had never "followed" him in the first place, saying "My bad. Just found out Jenson never followed me. Don't blame him!"
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