Video: Huge fish catches man's arm after he dangles it over jetty

Ruth Doherty

The tables were turned on a fisherman when he tried to make his catch of the day - and almost became one.

The angler dangled his arm over the jetty, trying to tempt the fish with some bait, but was shocked when it leaped out of the water and latched on to almost his entire forearm.

Onlookers' screams can be heard in the background as the man tried to wrestle his arm out of the fish's mouth.

The man and the fish, believed to be a tarpon, end up rolling around on the jetty, before the fish finally lets go and flaps back into the sea. Fish, 1. Man, 0.

Tarpons grow to between around five to eight feet long and can weigh up to 280lbs. They are also known as the 'silver king', and are known to be very strong fish.

The man is seen walking away from the incident, probably with a very sore arm, and definitely suffering a bruised ego...

That's what you get for trying to fish without a rod.

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