Heathrow Airport breaks passenger records

Heathrow breaks passenger records

Heathrow Airport had a record year in 2012, handling 70 million passengers and seeing a rise of 0.9 per cent from 2011.

The Guardian reports that the growth at Britain's biggest airport was driven by a 3.2 per cent increase in north Atlantic traffic and there were also more flights to Brazil, plus growth on Middle East, central Asia and East Asia routes.

There was a 5.7 per cent dip in African traffic, while Indian traffic was down 3.4 per cent due to airlines reducing or ceasing services.

According to the BBC, December was a record month at the London airport, with China traffic up 23 per cent. In December, 5.6 million passengers passed through the airport - 2.0 per cent up on December 2011.

European traffic rose just 0.5 per cent reflecting economic conditions in Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain, where passenger numbers collectively fell 4.5 per cent over 2012.

The growth was balanced by a 1.3 per cent drop in cargo passing through the airport.

For several years, Heathrow has been operating close to official full capacity.

Heathrow chief executive Colin Matthews said: 'The figures for 2012 show Heathrow is delivering higher passenger numbers despite a tough economic climate. At the same time passenger satisfaction reached record levels.

'Over the next 12 months we will continue to improve the passenger experience and focus on our investment programme, as we move towards completion of the new Terminal 2.'

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Heathrow Airport breaks passenger records

Changi Airport serves more than 100 airlines and operates 6,100 weekly flights - yet it is still a pleasure to travel through. The airport boasts tropical gardens, cinemas, a rooftop pool, rain showers and even fish spas in case your feet are feeling a little weary and in need of a relaxing nibble...

Offering what's been described as 'the world's best airport shopping destination', Hong Kong International Airport also contains a variety of top-notch restaurants serving Western, Chinese and Asian food. It also has sport simulators and a SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course to boot!

Located a convenient 20 minutes from the city centre, Amsterdam Schiphol keeps its customers well entertained, with a casino, a library, an indoor/outdoor park, a museum, a huge variety of restaurants and shops and a 6D cinema. No chance of getting bored here!

Beijing Capital International Airport has three terminals and is currently the second busiest airport in the world. Its third terminal, opened in 2008 in time for the Olympic games, is also the second largest in the world. It's widely praised as one of the most efficient airports in the world.

Munich Airport, the second busiest in Germany, features a vast assortment of shops and eateries, from Pandora to Hermès, Starbucks to Subway. It also has a cinema, mini golf course, and tours of historic aircrafts.

Currently ranked as a 4-star airport by Skytrax along with only eight other airports around the world, Zurich airport is Switzerland's largest international flight gateway. It has plenty of shops and restaurants, and even an underground train.

In addition to a wide range of restaurants and retail outlets, Kuala Lumpur International Airport caters to everyone's needs with a variety of facilities and leisure activities, including reflexology and massage treatments, nurseries, and smoking lounges.

Located a handy 7.5 miles from downtown Vancouver, this airport has won several prestigious international best airport awards. Its interior features one of the most extensive collections of Pacific Northwest Coast Native art in the world, and has blues and greens to reflect the colours of the land, sea and sky. The airport, which uses great quantities of carpet and glass, even has a waterfall nestled between two escalators to keep passengers calm as they travel.

Situated on an artificial island in Ise Bay, this airport is 22 miles south of Nagoya in central Japan. Centrair, as the airport is also known, features the 4th Floor Sky Town shopping centre with 61 shops and restaurants that are organized into two "streets": Renga-dori and Chochin-yokocho. The airport has won a number of accolades including 4th Best Airport Worldwide in 2011.

The largest airport in South Korea, and one of the largest airports in the world, Incheon International has plenty of room. Enough, in fact, to house a golf course, a spa, private sleeping rooms, a casino, indoor gardens, a Museum of Korean Culture and even an ice skating rink! Departure process takes 16 minutes and arrival takes only 12 minutes, beating the global average of 60 and 45 respectively. 

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