Five cars for bus pass-deprived pensioners

Five cars for bus pass-deprived pensioners

Unfortunately, as we keep being reminded by the Prime Minister, Britain has clocked up a few debts over the years – and it's understandably sensible to make some attempt to pay them off.

There are various means for doing so, but the Conservative approach thus far seems to include heavy usage of the word 'cut' – and pensioners, with their free television licences and bus passes, could be the next to suffer.
Of course it's all very well paying to ride on our fine public transport infrastructure, but how about making a clean break of it all? Why not, if busses are no longer free, jump off before it's too late and invest in something with four wheels of your own?

We like that thinking, so we've grouped together a few cars that might suit the average pensioner – if there is such a thing. It's an eclectic mix we think you'll agree, but who ever said conforming to stereotypes was any fun?

Check out the gallery, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Top five cars for bus pass-less pensioners
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Five cars for bus pass-deprived pensioners

It might be a bit of a pensioner cliché, this one, but let's be honest – the Yaris makes an excellent choice for individuals in their over-60s rather a lot of the time. It's reliable, comfortable and often rather economical too. We reckon the Hybrid is even better – it sips fuel, holds its value and you'll never need to change gear.

Bear with us on this one. We don't like stereotypes here at AOL Cars, and there's nothing to say that just because you're 65+ you'll only be interested in cups of tea and Midsomer Murders. There's not a single person that wouldn't find the MX-5 fun, and we think that after years of hard work, there'd be nothing more appealing than a bit of open-top fun. 

It's fair to say that the old Ford Fusion was rather a popular car for the elder generations on our country's roads. Comfortable, easy to use Fiesta running gear combined with a high-rise driving position was a bit of a winner – and we bet its replacement, the B-Max, will go down equally well. What's more, those handy sliding doors make getting the grandkids in and out of the back so much easier.

We know, it hasn't arrived on our shores yet – but then neither have the government cuts. The Sandero makes an appearance here simply because it's so ruthlessly cheap. So low are its prices and monthly payments that, forget the bus, it's probably cheaper than walking. 

The Twizy is undoubtedly a car like no other, but squint a little and you'll realise it's actually not far off a very similar existing concept: That of the mobility scooter. Thing is, not only are those scooters not exactly the height of fashion, but when driven on the roads (which they probably shouldn't be) they're frankly dangerous. The Twizy fixes both of these problems. It doesn't need filling up, nor commands expensive servicing or parts, but is considerably more funky and quite a bit safer to boot.

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