Video: Audi Quattro meets telephone poll; Audi wins

Video: Audi Quattro meets telephone poll; Audi wins

The Audi Quattro is rather a legendary vehicle - and rightly so. With its clever four-wheel-drive system, the Quattro was lauded for its performance in rally championships - one of the first cars to take advantage of new rules that allowed more than just front or rear wheel drive cars to enter.

Evidently, what our rosy-eyed tributes to the car forget to mention is that it's more solid than a slab of granite or a blacksmith's anvil – or rather it seems to be, as one particular video demonstrates.
Drifting around a particularly slippery-looking corner that makes up part of Austria's Jänner Rallye, the video shows one Quattro finding its rear wing making the acquaintance of a rather beefy looking telephone pole.

Rather than sending the sought-after coupe spinning off into the undergrowth, though, the pole seems to lose the battle - giving in and snapping like an uncooked strand of spaghetti.

We'll leave you to make what you will of the video – is the Audi tough as old boots, or did the telephone just decide to throw in the towel after years of harsh Viennese winters? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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