Hyundai unveil cutting-edge smartphone connectivity

Hyundai has teamed up with electronic goods manufacturers LG to create a futuristic smartphone app that will allow owners of the next generation i30 to control many of the car's features from their mobile device.

The new app allows users to remotely connect to their vehicles, checking if windows are closed, doors are locked and even monitoring fuel levels for worry-free forward journey planning. The car can also be unlocked via contactless technology and many of the vehicle's settings-such as mirror adjustments, seat positioning and radio presets- can also be wirelessly modified.
An updated centre console will feature a wireless charging area that tops up the smartphone's battery without the mess that comes with the usual wires and cable. This cutting edge infotainment hub will also access an array of smartphone features, including music, videos and social networking applications.

Seungwook Yang, president of Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Centre, said, "At Hyundai we're making personal mobility even more convenient, connected and individualised. This project shows that the integration of smartphones into Hyundai vehicles will provide intuitive, versatile and easy-to-use benefits –perfect for Hyundai drivers on the move."

This sort of mobile integration is usually the reserve of premium brands (such as Mercedes and BMW) but Hyundai plan to unveil their tech at this year's Geneva motorshow alongside the next generation i30- a car that's expected to cost around £15,000.
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