Spares or repair: As squashed by a tank

Spares or repair: as squashed by a tank

We've seen some amusing car related items on eBay, but even we can't tell if the tank-squashed Peugeot Partner van currently offered for spares is a hoax.

Or just a clever way of promoting this seller's forthcoming military event?
Even after a couple of reads we're still not sure. However, we can't imagine there are too many usable parts that haven't been squashed by the tank. Although, the left hand side definitely looks more intact that the right.

Still, the ad is worth a read just for the funny questions the seller has received: "Does the air conditioning work?: Vehicle is now a convertible so A/C is not necessary. However, if you must turn it on we think the controls may have found their way under the engine."

"What will it need for an MOT?: Not a lot that we can see. You probably will need to check that the washer jets are working (we can't find them). Right now it's not putting out any emissions so there probably will be no trouble there. I'm not sure that it says that wheels must be round in the MOT list, but the offside rear is looking a bit bald. As it's currently inside out, the tester might miss this."

There are bids and if you're lucky enough to win this auction, the seller will throw in a couple of tickets to this event. We'll certainly be watching this auction closely.

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