Office workers urged to stand to stay healthy

Caroline Cassidy

Office workers who spend long periods sitting behind desks have been urged to work standing up for three hours a day.

Office staff should stand for work
Office staff should stand for work

New research has revealed that an extra three hours on your feet burns 144 calories, amounting to 8lbs of weight loss each year.

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According to Dr John Buckley, from the department of clinical sciences and nutrition at Chester University, a few hours spent standing to work would help to reduce obesity and improve circulation, combating that mid-afternoon slump.

And Dr Buckley suggests switching to a higher than average desk for a portion of the working day would benefit the health of office staff in the long term.

Speaking to BBC News, he said: "People are sitting down at work, then sitting in the car and then sitting down in front of the television.
"Your metabolic rate crashes to an absolute minimum. It isn't natural. Humans are designed to stand up and keep moving."

Previous studies have also highlighted the health risks associated with sedentary work and lifestyles.

Last year, similar research claimed there is a significant connection between long periods of sitting down and an increased risk of diabetes.

Are you an office worker? Would you be willing to stand for work? Leave your comments below...